Prose Poetry


(A sequence of 12 poems)

1. Trinity

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I was told to pray to a Fatherly God,
But the Mother’s arms seemed warmer.
I was told to bow to an image,
But that never did leave me less afraid.
Among others who sat reverently,
I stood still, peering at the fire;
away from the works of the farm.

I was a Son to a person with two square bi-glasses,
But I paid more attention to the Eyes beyond.
Following Him like a Lion follows the deer
With great majesty and desire,
Yet no Will to cause a scratch.

A clan of Priests who worshipped the Mother,
My wise Ancestor Head loved me;
Yet he thought to follow the Green of the West
to save His clan.

His Eye’s apple, His only end;
Only so that He begins again.
My eyes sparkled differently,
When I didn’t see this ‘Father.’
Ignorance prevented another Death,
Wisdom made Life immortal.
The Father was born again as the Son.

I loved the winds;
They were always my Best Companions.
Bright, but wintry;
Warm yet refreshing;
Love, yet Death-like…
Was the ambience of this New Heaven
That had become.

A flame,
Bright-red, yet stable;
Surrounded by a ring of Light.

The Father was immortal for the Son to spread the Light He had seen.

2. The Mother


The child loved the Mother’s warmth.
She was His Strongest Shield.
She was the Best Nourisher.

He enjoyed Her warmth,
But loved the Breeze.
He loved Her compassion,
But the Moist reeds of Grass
Mesmerized Him.

He would Love the Winter Morn,
It was like Home.

These morns meant much,
As they spoke of the Mother’s pain
And Son’s Gain
United by Love.

3. God

altar inside an empty cathedral
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The Mother raised Her Son to be God-loving,
And told Him stories of the Ever-Loving God.
He loved the Way She narrated them;
Her voice was Music.

Though He followed His Father,
His ‘Mother’ was the First Word
On His Tongue’s Tip
When His Heart desired Anything.

Pain turned into Pleasant Feelings,
Darkness turned into Light,
Love turned Nothingness into Life.

Love created Heaven, the abode of Gods and Angels.
The Beloved Father, now Son,
Was looking upon this Loving Mother
She nourished Her Son.

God was Happy and at Bliss.

4. The Woman

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A Woman had been born to this Mother:
A Strong, Lively, Colorful,
Beautiful, Young Princess.
She was named after ‘Wealth’
As the Son once loved ‘Wealth.’

She was a constant teacher to Her Brother;
Loved Him as much as He loved Her.
A Fun Sibling Pair,
They fought, laughed and cried;
Yet loved each other,
Like a Team.

She saved Him from all Future suffering,
Without Even Knowing.
She was Energy personified,
She was the Princess of Light.

Lover of Her little
Prince of Light,
The Mother was informed by all Harbingers
She would be Wealthy.

The Son’s constant companion,
His Support, His Protector,
His Love was now His Shield
Whom He was Chosen to Protect.

The Woman; ever Beautiful Daughter of God
Did all that She observed was Right.
She was the Strongest form of Woman
Ever Born.
Wealthy, Illusive, Just, Divine;
Empowered to a Woman Leader.
Invisible yet Colorful,
The Princess of Light
Stood Strong and Invincible!

Beloved of The Prince of Light,
She was Fearsome Darkness
If Anyone caused Her Brother

5. The Lady

lioness beside on brown wood
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A being revered greater than the Greatest Diamond;
A woman full of Love and Grace
Adorned with the pearls of the Good serpent,
Brings Her hands towards Her Prince in Embrace.

She knows not much,
But sufficiently enough.
Great is Her strength,
Which sometimes even she can’t control.

Her appearance is Pure Divine,
Heavenly and Sacred,
As if the Angels themselves had painted Her.
She wasn’t an Angel, but greater than all of them.

Born of the Lord of Multitudes,
She is a Blessing of the Supremely Divine Mother.

6. The Father

man with black tattoo on his back
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Omniscient, Omnipotent and Immortal is the Father.
He is the Wisest of the Wise.
A Healer by boon, He is revered as the Protector of His Clan
From all disease.
He was a Father who feared the loss of the Power
He had gathered through His Mighty works.

He had an offspring, born from Rage.
He destroyed anything uncouth.
The Father’s Fifth finger was also lost this way.

But all was good. There’s nothing Love can’t solve.

7. The Prince of Light

The god of Sun begets the Prince of Light,
He does so through the Queen of the Glaciers.
Great was the moment when the Price was born.
The ‘Twelfth’ was born on the Twelfth.
The Earth welcomed this great day of reincarnation.

But despite this joyful birth,
A demoness was ready to strike
And despite Destiny being on the Prince’s side,
He was struck and fell sick.

Heavy was the blow,
Made with venomous milk.
Yet Good always feats over Evil
And the prince was saved.
All that remained was a tiny mark;
A mole, much like a scar.

8. Oceans of Milk

close up of milk against blue background
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This Prince loved having milk,
Not just in Pure form.
Cheese, Butter, shakes or just milk,
He would eat or drink it all up in a jiffy.

The Oceans were once churned
To make beings immortal
And the most venomous poison was created.

The Prince knew all this somehow,
captured on a strand of His DNA.
He was the Prince of Light,
Lover of Milk
And had come so that the Oceans
would once again flow with stability.

9. The Queen of Light


She was bold, yet beautiful;
Cold, yet gave a sense of warmth.
She was the morning sun
And the dewdrops too.
She was pure chaos,
Yet complete order.

She was the perfect counterpart
Of the Prince of Light;
She did fit in with Him
like two ends meet in a cusp.

Her beauty was one of a kind,
yet admired by all.
She spoke in a tune of music
of the Highest order;
Stern, yet sweet.

She was a soul that was
To unite with the Prince of Light
In Light from Fire.

Behold the Princess of utmost Devotion!
Behold the Princess of Victory!
Behold the Queen of Light!

10. The Hill

Are all stories mere plans?
Are all ways already marked?
Questions like these and many more
Had led our Prince to wander.

His Queen-to-be had left him,
The pain inside had burned him,
He left in search of silence
And journey with the Wind.

He walked for miles,
He walked for days,
He walked until
He could walk no more.
Quenched his thirst,
Fed himself
And kept walking on.

Traversing across
Great lands
He finally stopped
“A hill!” he exclaimed,
“And a shrine on top.”

11. The Realization

The First Jain Tirthankara

He went up a seemingly unending hill,
Making five stops before reaching the top.
Each time a realization dawned,
Something he had to let go
To journey on.

At the summit was a shrine
Like no other.
He was in Bliss,
Surrounded by sculptures
Of great sages.

He stood there,
Closed his eyes
And felt as if
he was scooped away.

A voice spoke to him,
“You are the centre
Of what exists.
Magnify and you will find no end;
Reach and you will have no end.”

He opened his eyes
And fell to his knees.

12. Unity

The King of Light,
Stands afront his people;
His voice echoing his might.

Women and Men,
Cheered him on
As he spoke how it was ‘Then’
And how it is ‘Now.’

It was indeed a story,
Of love and loss,
Of pain and gain,
And will always be
A journey that we can
Take pride we had.

He took his seat,
Looked at his wife
And smiled.
Everything had fallen into place,
Just as the people stood,
In Unity.


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